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Hello, I'm Alain,

Quickly evaluate the level of readiness of your sales people and enhance your pitch for maximum impact.  

I use these 7 very simple questions to find out what will help improve sales results. It’s a great tool to start an honest discussion with sales executives. The feedback is always an eye-opener - it’s fascinating!

Afterwards, I will send you my offer to help improve your pitch and increase your sales results, but, don’t worry, I will do it in a very respectful way.

I'm candidly trying this “give a little bit, get a little bit” approach for the first time with the hope that it will help me connect with a few more great entrepreneurs outside of my current business network.

Alain Paquin

Thank you very much! Access the information from your inbox!.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’ve been building companies for as long as I can remember. I have received many awards for my accomplishments. I also rose to the Top of the Profit 100 as the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. I learned a lot, both from successful ventures and memorable failures.

Nowadays, I share my learning experiences with entrepreneurs around the world to help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams. I’ve also partnered with an amazingly knowledgeable guy in a brand-new “agency meet consulting” firm called Perfect Pitch. Sharing what I’ve learned during all those years of hard work makes me happy, so I strive to do it any way I can.

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