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Perfect Pitch, Noise we Cut!

Our Perfect Pitch

We're entrepreneurs with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and communication.


Of course, crafting the Perfect Pitch is about business and communication strategy, but more importantly, it's about people. We help people capture the imagination of the people they serve by enhancing their capacity to tell a compelling story. It's our art and we love it! 

Dominique Bel, Perfect Pitch Associate
Alain Paquin, Perfect Pitch Associate

Dominique Bel


Dominique’s passion is to help organizations innovate their strategy and business models, and strike wins with investors, clients and audiences of all kinds. A signature approach in his work is storymaking - using the power of narratives to uncover purpose, mobilize resources (internal and external), deliver performance and facilitate change for the better.


Dominique began his career in France in construction and shipbuilding, running a business unit that contributed to some of Europe’s landmark architectural projects - like the Bibliothèque François Mitterand in Paris and the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He built on this experience - facilitating and leading teams to seize opportunities and overcome challenges - when he made Montreal his base camp in 2001. He eventually became CEO of Mercuri International in Canada, a global strategy, sales and performance advisory firm headquartered in Sweden. But then inspired by his experiences with C2 Montreal - first on a mandate and then as an ambassador - Dominique now focuses his energy and work on reconciling economic performance and sustainable development.


He is an active member of the HATCH Experience community - a network of changemakers dedicated to facilitating a better world - as well as the MADE collective, and was invited by Mr. Piccard to join his new initiative to save the planet: the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.


Dominique is passionate about his work and never misses an opportunity to engage in inspiring conversations with changemakers. He is pleased to contribute to UP’ Magazine as a global correspondent.

  • Dominique Bel

Alain Paquin


Alain has been an entrepreneur and a business consultant and mentor for entrepreneurs and executives since 1990, when he was Involved in strategic development activities and marketing at an international level with clients such as the International Monetary Fund (Washington), Bell Canada (Montreal), the World Bank (Washington), the United Nations (Geneva), Boeing (Seattle) and many more.


He was Founding President of Whatsnexx, a marketing automation company developing cutting edge software solutions for Fortune 1000 and SME organizations, and Founding President and CEO of Komunik Corporation (TSX:KOM), a market leader in Communication Resource Management. Under his management, Komunik quickly became the fastest growing company in Quebec (revenue grew from 0 to $100M within 5 years) and ranked 2nd in Canada with Profit 100.


Alain has participated in the start-up and growth of several companies in the technology, marketing and Internet industries including FokusGroup, Ardilog, Axys and Webseduction (NetClub).


He has also taught e-commerce at the HEC (University of Montreal), been a speaker at several conferences and received many awards for the outstanding quality of his work.


Alain has been nominated for the "Marketing Personality of the Year"​ and the "Arista-Sunlife Award"​, received a "Mercury Award"​ for his vision and management skills, was the recipient of the prestigious recognition "Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young"​, was recognized as the "Personality of the Year"​ by the Relationship Marketing Association, was voted "CEO of the year"​ by his peers at CEO Vision organized by the Quebec Technology association (AQT) and was named "IT personality of the month" by the FIQ, an important IT network in Quebec.

  • Alain Paquin
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