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Presentation Yin Yang

I often advise that a good corporate presentation should have a good balance between the business and the communication strategy. Today, let me expand on this concept.

When I talk about business strategy, I refer to having a well-defined brand, a good knowledge of the market, a complete profile of the audience, relevant key benefits, clear differentiators, convincing numbers, etc. To perfectly align the business strategy requires the involvement of left brain oriented people. Those pragmatic executives or business consultants with extensive of business experience are obviously perfect for the job.

On the other hand, when I talk about the communication strategy, I refer to the structure of the pitch, the story it tells, the emotions it conveys. In this case, it requires a good understanding of how to communicate and connect with an audience. Usually, creative people with high emotional intelligence are perfecting this art.

Now, to craft the Perfect Pitch, you need to bring both together! Like the Yin and the Yang! What makes it fun -some would say difficult- is that you can't simply prepare content and sent it over to a designer! Of course, most people are doing exactly just that, but it's the reason why so many presentations underperform.

Since you can't get away with the easy "I'm sending you some slides. Just make it look awesome" solution, you have to bring both parties around the table. For those of you who already had the opportunity to experience such a fascinating encounter, you know that this is not always easy, but still, it's very rewarding!

With that in mind, building a Perfect Pitch can be quiet a challenge and it's exactly the reason why I like it so much! I like the perfectly balanced cocktail of business and communication strategy. I like when a presenter is able to cut through the noise and deliver an unforgettable experience to the audience.

Thank you for reading,

Perfect Pitch

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